(2018) Portwarden

Create (Scheduled) Encrypted Backups of Your Bitwarden Vault with Attachments (to Google Drive)


(2018) Add Disqus to Jupyter Notebook

I wrote a Python Package that allows the user to inject and display Disqus in your jupyter notebook, adding a commenting section for the notebook. This could be especially helpful if other people have questions about your notebook demonstration.


(2017) Reproduction of Deepmind’s StarCraft II Research

For my Computer Science Seminar project, I integrated Tensorforce (a Reinforcement Learning library on top of Tensorflow) and OpenAI Gym to train SC II game agents, resulting in maintainable and understandable machine learning code.

Jupyter WriteupGithub

(2017) Material-Designed Templates for Vuetifyjs Framework

While I was the TA for Web Programming class, Vuetifyjs did not have any starter design template for beginners. Students had a hard time starting with Vuetifyjs. Because of this, I wrote two material-designed templates, which were later merged into Vuetify's official documentation (See #181)

Parallax TemplateBlog TemplateVuetify's Premade Templates

(2017) Linear Programming for Optimal Scheduling

For my Operations Research case study, which was about a scheduling problem, I modeled it by using integer programming and later solved it by using Gurobipy, a python optimization package.

PDFJupyter WriteupGithub

(2017) StreetTraffic

During my 2017 summer research, Dr. Chris Healy and I created this Python package that crawls the traffic flow data of your favorite routes and cities by using the APIs provided by HERE.com

(Beautiful) DocumentationGithub

(2017) Abstract Algebra Finite Group Generator

Because of my Computer Science background, my Abstract Algebra Professor Dr. Douglas Rall suggested me to write this fun program that could brute force all possible permutations of binary operations on a given set. It further investigates which permutation, along with the given set, defines a valid group.


(2017) Reproduction of newsfeed.fb.com

Fascinated by the elegant design and beautiful animations of newsfeed.fb.com, I used Vue.js and GSAP to reproduce and learn its implementation.


(2016) Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review

For our Artificial Intelligence class project, Trilby Hren and I used Keras, a high-level machine learning library to classify movie reviews based on sentiment. We ended up improving the prediction accuracy on Keras’s official demo code from 82.35% to 88.75%

Jupyter WriteupGithub

(2016) Penspider

Buying vintage fountain pens at Greg Minuskin was challenging because the seller would put pens on sale at some random time. As a computer scientist, I wrote a script that crawls the listings of pens so that it would send me an email whenever a new fountain pen was found :)