Hello 👋,

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Costa Huang and I am a Computer Science Ph.D student @ Drexel University, in collaboration with my advisor Santiago Ontañón.

I like doing research a lot and my primary research direction is to use RL (Reinforcement Learning) algorithms to train agents in RTS (Real-time Strategy Games). My recent work include a RL library (CleanRL) for hackable and carefully managed experimentation and an OpenAI Gym wrapper (Gym-MicroRTS ) for training agents in a minimalistic RTS game called MicroRTS. Feel free to go to the Portfolio section to see my recent projects 😆.

My most skilled languages are Python, Go, and JavaScript/Node.js. I use Python for general programming tasks such as Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Mathematics, Web Crawler. Recently, I have been using Pytorch quite frequently for all of my projects.

In addition, I use Go for backend API development, and JavaScript/Node.js for web programming by using frameworks such as Vue.js, React.js, Vuetify.js, and etc. I also frequently use Latex to type Math and CS homeworks. You may find some samples of my work here: Latex Samples